ABN AMRO Headquarters

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our vision is to create a best-in-class, sustainable, vibrant and diverse ecosystem that tenants, residents and indeed all stakeholders can be proud of for decades to come. This project is currently in development.

Owner Victory Group
GLA Currently 89,000 sqm
Sustainability certification Targeting BREEAM and WELL certifications
Icon involvement 2021 - present day
Icon activity
  • Development strategy and implementation
  • Asset management
  • Development management
  • Leasing management
  • Property management
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The ABN AMRO Headquarters consist of several parts, which will be redeveloped in succession.

First up is the Circl pavilion, located on Gustav Mahlerplein 1B. In its current form, the building is not suitable for expansion and extension. Therefore, the choice has been made to sustainably dismantle the building with lcp-circulair, who are experts in their field. This means that Circl’s building materials will be carefully stored and prepared for reuse.
The dismantling will start in May 2024 and marks the start of the redevelopment of the ABN AMRO complex. After dismantling, the construction of a multifunctional, sustainable office building will start in Q1 2025.

For more information about Mahler 1, the first building to be unveiled in the redevelopment of the former ABN AMRO headquarters, click on the link below.

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. They will be updated regularly with new questions and answers as the process progresses and more or new information becomes available.

  • Dismantling

    How long will the dismantling take?
    The dismantling of the Circl pavilion starts on 13th May and will take about nine months.

    Are walking routes changing?
    Yes, the map below describes the changes to the walking routes with numbers:

    1. The walking route on the east side of the Circl pavilion will be clearly separated from the site with a fence during the works. This walking route will be about 40 metres longer as a result. That’s about half a minute’s extra walk.
    2. On the west side of the Circl pavilion, the footpath is closed. This is where the site will be.
    3. The footpath through the centre of the Gustav Mahlerplein gardens and the footpath to the east of Gustav Mahlerplein gardens will not change.
    4. On the south side of the Circl pavilion, the footpath becomes narrower, but the route does not change. There is no extra travel time.
    5. The zebra crossing over Gustav Mahlerlaan on the south side of Circl pavilion will be temporarily removed.
    6. Pedestrians can, however, use the pedestrian crossing on the west side, at the corner of Gustav Mahlerplein, about 50 metres away.

    Pedestrians and cyclists will be directed by clear signage and by traffic controllers when needed for extra safety.

    Map showing changes to walking routes

    Are cycling routes changing?
    No, the cycle routes will not change. If the south side of the Circl pavilion has a lot of construction traffic coming in and out, a traffic controller will be present for extra safety.

    Will the underground bicycle parking remain accessible?
    Yes, the entrance to the underground bicycle parking at the Gustav Mahlerplein will remain accessible during the dismantling.

    Will all facilities and public transport remain accessible?
    Yes, all facilities and public transport will remain accessible during dismantling.

    Will the Gustav Mahlerlaan remain accessible?
    Yes, the Gustav Mahlerlaan will remain accessible during dismantling. However, minor adjustments will be made to make the site accessible to work traffic. For example, the zebra crossing opposite the Circl pavilion will be temporarily removed.

    Which nuisance can I expect when?
    Throughout the dismantling process there may be nuisance. For example, clearing the outside area of the Circl pavilion and dismantling of the Circl pavilion may cause noise and dust nuisance. Most work takes place on weekdays between 7am and 7pm. We will inform residents if we expect the nuisance to be significantly worse. We will communicate details of the activities via a digital newsletter, www.iconrealestate.com, www.zuidas.nl, and information will be available in the Zuidas information centre. Of course, we will try to minimise any inconvenience and keep the area as clean and tidy as possible.

    What measures will be taken to reduce nuisance?
    We cannot avoid nuisance during the dismantling such as noise and some dust pollution. However, circular dismantling is completely different to demolition. It’s a nuanced, sophisticated process that treats materials as valuable and puts the same respect into their demounting as went into their assembly. A construction fence will be erected to limit inconvenience. Transport of heavy loads and/or large loads will take place outside rush hours whenever possible and weekend work will be limited as much as possible. Furthermore, the crane will be placed on the west side of the Circl pavilion to limit inconvenience to ABN AMRO employees.

    Where can I ask questions or complain about the dismantling works?
    If you have any questions about the dismantling, please feel free to send an email to circl@lcp-circulair.nl or call + 31 (0)578-692064. This phone number is available 24/7 and you will get a response within 24 hours.

    Who is the principal?
    Icon Real Estate is part of Victory Group which owns the ABN AMRO site including the Circl pavilion. Together, Icon Real Estate and Victory Group have already delivered several real estate projects, such as the Atrium in Amsterdam. Icon Real Estate’s mission is to ensure that the dismantling of the Circl pavilion goes as smoothly as possible with as little inconvenience to the surrounding area as possible. More information on the two companies can be found at: www.victorygroup.com and www.iconrealestate.com.

  • Recycling of materials

    Why is the Circl pavilion being removed?
    In its current form, the Circl pavilion is not suitable for expansion and extension. Therefore, the choice has been made to sustainably dismantle the building. This means that the Circl pavilion’s building materials will be carefully stored and prepared for reuse. After dismantling, the construction of a multifunctional, sustainable office building will start. The dismantling marks the start of the redevelopment of the ABN AMRO complex.

    Why is the Circl pavilion being dismantled and not demolished?
    The Circl pavilion, which was built in 2017 by ABN AMRO as a platform for the circular economy, was designed to be dismantled and reused.

    We will use a novel method of circular demolition, which involves carefully dismantling the Circl pavilion and sorting the materials into different categories, such as wood, metal, glass, and plastic. The materials will then be either reused to create a new building, donated to other projects, or recycled into new products.

    Can all the material used in the construction of the Circl pavilion be reused?
    We estimate that this method will save up to 70% of the materials from the Circl pavilion for re-use. Once dismantled we will have a clear model of exactly what has been harvested from the site, and this will allow the components to be re-used in a future location, either as a whole or in its contingent parts. We are engaging with some exciting future destinations for the building and look forward to finalising this process later in the year.

    What is the plan for the 16,000 pairs of jeans used as insulation material donated by ABN AMRO employees?
    Our plan is to reuse these jeans as insulation materials. How we can reuse these materials is part of the innovative dismantling process.

    Is there already a new site for the building?
    No, a new site for the building has not yet been found. We are in talks with several interested parties. As soon as more is known about this, we will share more information.

    Can Icon Real Estate not reuse the materials?
    The new building will have a very different structure, making the reuse of building materials from the Circl pavilion impossible for technical reasons. But we want to be committed to the circular economy and the reuse of materials – even if we can’t use them ourselves.

    If the greenery is removed, will it take into account the breeding season?
    We work with specialist consultants, such as an ecologist, to ensure we do not disturb animals during the breeding season. We check the greenery before work starts. If animals breed, we work at an appropriate distance around them until the breeding season is over.

    How will existing green areas and trees be preserved or replaced?
    We are working with consultants, such as an ecologist, to ensure that as many plants as possible are preserved from the Circl pavilion and its gardens. Larger plants, such as trees and hedges, will be removed where possible and stored in a temporary location until they can be replanted in the new building or elsewhere on the ABN AMRO site. All other plants will be given away given to interested parties in the area. We do this with Stichting Struikroven, an initiative dedicated to saving existing green. The Circl pavilion’s green areas contain not only plants, but also stones, planters and paving. We are exploring how these elements might be integrated into the future development of the ABN AMRO complex. You can find more information about the Struikroven Foundation here: www.struikroven.nu.

    Information about the activity will be communicated via the Struikroven, Icon and Zuidas.nl websites. Flyers will also be handed out nearer the time.

  • The new building

    When will construction of the new building start?
    We aim to start construction of the new building in the first half of 2025.

    What is the name of the new building?
    Mahler 1.

    What does the new building look like?
    We unveiled the initial designs of the building on the 12th June See more information here.. The building will be almost 60 m tall and cover c. 25,000 sqm. It will have terraces interspersed throughout the building, and a unique scalloped façade design which will provide shelter from weather. Also, there will be greenery both horizontally and vertically. In the coming months, we will share more about the new building and will announce participation moments.

    What will the function(s) of the new building be?
    The new building will have several functions. Besides office space, there will be various facilities on the ground floor. We will share more information about these facilities, their operators and how they will be coordinated with the surroundings and users later.

    Will the public function of the Circl pavilion return in the new building?
    The ground floor and first floor will have several facilities with different functions that fit in with the surroundings. The Circl Movement itself continues its mission at another location. More information about their events can be found at: www.circl.nl.

    How many houses will be built?
    The new building has no residential function.

    Will the new building be sustainable?
    We are committed to developing sustainable buildings. We are aligning with Paris targets in operation, and aim for sustainability certifications such as BREEAM and WELL. Also, the building is being designed to reduce heat stress, and will feature 3,200 sqm of PVs, shading provided by fins, smart tech for water retention and a shared mobility programme. We will also create a digital twin, a virtual copy of the whole building, capturing all of its details. This enables us to keep track of what’s been used and where so that in the future smart decisions can be made which makes the building adaptable and flexible for future requirements.

    Will there be alternative routes for pedestrians and cyclists during the construction phase?
    Yes, there will be alternative routes for cyclists and pedestrians during construction to ensure the area remains easily accessible. These will be coordinated with the Municipality of Amsterdam and the surrounding area. Please note, the construction phase will not start until 2025, therefore details are unknown at present. We will share new information when available.

    Will their be extra parking spaces for both cars and bikes?
    There will be a bike parking located in the basement of the Mahler 1 building.

    Is the building already leased?
    We are in contact with various interested parties and will announce tenants once contracts have been signed.

    Is there still room for additional tenants?
    If you are interested in leasing space in the new building please contact: hallo@iconrealestate.com

  • Communication, participation and consultation

    Have the local residents been consulted on the new building?
    The local residents were informed about the new building during an information meeting on 1 November 2023. Further meetings will be planned to inform local residents and allow for participation. Right now, we are focusing on the dismantling. During the dismantling phase, we are involving local residents with the Struikroven initiative, where they can collect greenery from the Circl pavilion for free. For more information about this organisation and their actions, visit: www.struikroven.nu.

    How will the surrounding area be informed about the progress and plans of dismantling?
    Updates about the dismantling and the progress will be shared via www.zuidas.nl, a digital newsletter and www.iconrealestate.com.

    Will there be an information meeting for the new building?
    Yes, we will organise various information meetings for the new building. No dates are known yet. We will keep the residents informed by letter and digital newsletter and share information about this via the websites: www.zuidas.nl and www.iconrealestate.com. Information will also be available at the Zuidas Information centre.

    How are suggestions and concerns from the environment taken into account?
    We value ideas, insights and concerns from local residents who themselves naturally know very well what their neighbourhood needs. All suggestions and concerns shared are taken seriously. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to a green and lively area/experience on the Zuidas.

    Is there a contact point for local residents for questions?
    Yes, for general questions about our plans, you can send an email to: hallo@iconrealestate.com.

    For complaints or reports about the dismantling activities, please email or call: circl@lcp-circulair.nl or +31 (0)578-692064. This phone number is available 24/7 and you will receive a response to your complaint or report within 24 hours.

    When will we hear more about the plans for the new building and the plans for the rest of the area?
    Redeveloping such a large site takes time. Right now, we are focusing on dismantling the Circl pavilion and then developing the new building. The rest of the ABN AMRO complex will be developed in phases. In each phase, we will keep the surrounding area informed of our plans and there will be opportunities to have a say in them. We will do this through house-to-house letters, a digital newsletter, www.zuidas.nl, www.iconrealestate.com and the Zuidas information centre.