Mahler 1

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Designed and developed in collaboration with Danish architects, 3XN, Mahler 1 will be a multifunctional, sustainable office building with public amenities. Its scalloped facade and stepped terraces unveil a new architectural typology for the Zuidas.

Owner Victory Group
GLA 25,500 sqm
Sustainability certification Targeting BREEAM and WELL certifications
Icon involvement 2024 ongoing
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Mahler 1 will be a beacon of innovative and sustainable design.

The building will be situated at the heart of the Zuidas along the eastern side of Gustav Mahlerplein. It will feature a unique scalloped fa├žade, interspersed terraces, and a harmonious blend of horizontal and vertical biodiversity. Its vibrant, mixed-use ground floor is designed to foster community interaction, hosting social activities, public events, and local initiatives. With multiple entrances, a public lobby, and a plaza with stepped seating, the building aims to promote connectivity and well-being.

Sustainable features include a shared mobility programme, low-carbon materials, 3,200 sqm of photovoltaic panels, and advanced systems for water buffering and heat stress reduction. Construction is planned to start in mid 2025, with completion anticipated in late 2027.

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