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Circular innovation: the dismantling of the Circl pavilion

We are getting ready to dismantle the Circl pavilion, the Zuidas building that was designed for circular deconstruction. To this end, we’re teaming up with lcp-circulair, a joint venture between cepezedprojects and Lagemaat. Lcp, experts in reusing building materials, will start deconstructing Circl on May 13, 2024 and will finish in about nine months. With this project, we aim to show how circular deconstruction works and share the lessons learned.

Lcp-circulair, a circular champion

Lcp-circulair is a joint-venture of Delft-based redeveloper cepezed and Heerde-based dismantler and family company Lagemaat. The company was created to develop, design, build, dismantle, store, redesign and remount intrinsically circular projects. With their forces combined in lcp-circulair, they have earlier successfully dismantled the Zuiderstrandtheater in Scheveningen.

Dismantling is circularity in practice

When people think of dismantling they normally think of demolition – the image is of bulldozers, jackhammers, wrecking balls. But circular deconstruction is something completely different. A nuanced, sophisticated process that treats materials as valuable and puts the same respect into dismantling as went into their assembly.

Lcp will be taking Circl apart piece by piece, sorting out materials like wood, metal, glass, and plastic. This means they can reuse or recycle about 70% of the materials, which is significant for reducing pollution. To reach this, we will be using novel technology called digital twinning. Digital twinning means we are making a virtual copy of the whole building, capturing all the details of the original. This way, we can keep track of what’s what and make smart decisions about what to do with each piece. This will help them reuse the parts somewhere else, either as they are or in different pieces. We’re talking to some cool places about where the building might go next, and we’re excited to finish this up later in the year.

More than Circl

This project isn’t just about the Circl pavilion. We want to show that building and taking apart things in a more thoughtful way is not only doable but also better for everyone. It is a step forward for how we think about construction and development. We hope that by carrying out this pioneering project we will encourage the sector to do more of the same.

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