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Icon transforms outdated, often complicated buildings into thriving ecosystems. We simplify the complex, creating world-class, harmonious spaces that are better for people, local communities and the wider environment.

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Icon is an innovator. We create unique, forward-looking building ecosystems – setting new standards and defining new possibilities in world-class, sustainable property transformation.

We create buildings that are so much more than bricks and mortar. These are revitalized, future-proofed places where people don’t just work or stay, but where they play, recharge and relax. Places that add energy and life.

Respecting and adding value to the communities we work in, and caring for the environment drives everything we do. This conscientious approach turns the buildings we transform into something very special, for everyone who works, stays or visits – and for the wider community.

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We take our social responsibility seriously and support worthwhile projects wherever we can. Besides the initiatives we undertake with local not-for-profit organizations, we have also set up the Icon Forum to further our work in supporting local communities.

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Icon is an exciting place to work. We are re-defining the way buildings are created and the impact they have on communities, and the environment.

Working here means stretching yourself, working hard and meeting high expectations. You’ll need to be agile and tenacious, flexible and creative. It can be challenging, but the greater the challenge, the greater the reward.

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