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Bike path and tree planting

The transformation of the Atrium happened at the same time as the municipality’s ambitious Dokmodel project. This saw a massive infrastructure undertaking and the creation of a major new transport hub.

Unfortunately, this meant that the Atrium would lose its car park. Fortunately, we love a challenge. So we proposed a new underground parking space below the Parnassusweg dual carriageway and the area that would eventually house two new towers.

Simple. Well, not exactly.

The proposed car park was located directly below one of the area’s main cycling routes. So, with skilful planning and clever engineering, a temporary bike tunnel was created that snaked through the Atrium itself.

When the car park was completed, the cycling route was reinstated and every tree that had been removed was replaced. A smart solution and positive result for everyone – the community, municipality, and the environment.

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