Local communities

Atrium residents’ concerns

When residents raised concerns about possible noise and disruption during the Atrium transformation, we made their worries our problem.

Along with the local municipality, we talked at length with members of the community. We explained what we were doing and listened to their concerns. This lead to using a pile screwing technique instead of the traditional hydraulic pile driving. Although some work had to be carried out during peak hours, this technique kept noise to a minimum. And following completion of the Atrium, pile screwing has become standard practice across the Zuidas.

Another concern was the height of the Atrium’s new North Tower. Even though the Architect’s plans met legal requirements, some residents still felt that the new tower would block sunlight. In the spirit of cooperation (and to everyone’s delight), we offered to lower the tower. True to our word, the finished tower is lower than originally planned, in line with the heights agreed with residents.

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